Conditions of Use

Sites owned by Heidelberg Training and Resource Centre Inc.

1. HTRC General Conditions

These conditions apply to all ‘other parties’ making use of the sites or social media applications managed by Heidelberg Training and Resource Centre Inc (HTRC) Trading as E-focus, Apprenticeships Matter and BanyuleJobs. Hereafter called “our sites”.

Access to and use of the information, materials and services provided on our sites is conditional upon your acceptance and compliance with the following conditions.

All material is the property of Heidelberg Training and Resource Centre Inc (HTRC) Trading as E-focus, Apprenticeships Matter and BanyuleJobs.

Your use of any of our sites will be considered as acceptance of these conditions.

HTRC will not be liable for any loss or damage which may be suffered or incurred or which may arise as a consequence of your access, use of the sites or persons engaged by you via the sites.

Users of the sites accept all risks that may occur from phishing or other virus or any code that may impact on 2nd or 3rd party users.

HTRC does not accept any responsibility or liability for any errors in your material and you must check your material for errors as soon as it is placed on the HTRC, Apprenticeships Matter or Banyule Jobs Site.

2. Your Obligations

You warrant and agree that:

  1. All material placed on our sites does not breach the intellectual property of any third party;
  2. files loaded on the sites will be free of infection or viruses;
  3. you will not use our sites for illegal purposes; and,
  4. you will not use our sites to upload, download, transact or store or make available data that is unlawful, harassing, threatening, harmful, tortious, defamatory, abusive, obscene, discriminatory or objectionable or damaging to HTRC, the HTRC sites, users or persons generally.

You indemnify and will keep indemnified HTRC against all claims, actions, suits, costs, damages and expenses incurred by HTRC in connection with:

  1. Any breach of these Conditions;
  2. any negligent act or omission; and
  3. the listing or proposed listing of any jobs or material placed on our sites.


3. Misuse of Data

Any personal information within the meaning of the Privacy and Data Protection Act 2014 (Vic) of any candidate that you obtain through your use of our sites must only be used by you in relation to genuine employment and/or recruitment activities.

You must not disclose any personal information you obtain from your access to our sites to any other person or organisation.

HTRC reserves the right to immediately terminate or suspend users if they breach these conditions and reserves the right to report any potential contraventions to the relevant regulatory authorities.

4. Access

Your access to the our sites will be via a secure login username and password (the ‘password’) will be issued to you by HTRC. You are responsible for:

  1. Providing HTRC with the identity and contact details of individuals authorised to access our sites on your behalf, and
  2. ensuring that any password provided to authorised users is kept secure and confidential.

5. Advertiser and job search requirements

You must ensure that all material regarding employment complies with all applicable legislation, including anti-discrimination, privacy, consumer protection and advertising codes of conduct.

HTRC reserves the right to withdraw or refuse any advertisement for any reason without notice and to alter any aspect of advertisements approved for publishing. In particular, this right may be exercised where, in our opinion:

  • HTRC has a reasonable concern regarding non-compliance with any of these conditions, or any applicable law or regulation;
  • The material is misleading or incorrect information has been provided by the individual or organisation;
  • a complaint has been received about the individual or organisation that placed the advertisement,
  • the job opportunity or language used in the advertisement is considered to be inappropriate; or
  • the advertisement may, is likely to, or does damage or lower the reputation or standing of HTRC.

6. Information to be provided

HTRC requires all users to provide the following information when lodging a vacancy or application as relevant to the use:

  • name of the organisation or individual advertising/applying for the job;
  • full postal and/or physical address (of Job only);
  • full name, email address and phone number of person posting to the site;
  • an adequate description of the duties and nature of the work being offered and
  • an accurate resume of skills and experience

For casual and part-time jobs, an appropriate hourly rate of pay or the name of a relevant award or job classification must be displayed on the job advertisement.

An adequate description of the duties and nature of the work being offered must be provided. This should include:

  • Job title;
  • Description/duties;
  • Skills required;
  • Experience required;
  • Hours offered; and Location.


7. Unacceptable jobs include positions that:

  • are posted by a third party recruiter;
  • that offer less than minimum wages;
  • are casual or part time positions and do not nominate a hourly rate of pay or relevant award / job classification;
  • offer any sort of “board in exchange” arrangement where the person receives accommodation as payment for work performed;
  • that do not offer a genuine employment opportunity or those that require applicants to register with an organisation for possible opportunities;
  • offer payment by “piece rate” i.e. where payment is per product produced, per delivery, per sale made etc.;
  • are business opportunities and franchise ownership opportunities;
  • are pyramid schemes;
  • include work involving any illegal activity or that may pose a serious risk to workers, or any position where there may be safety concerns or jobs of questionable moral standards;
  • require the employee to purchase a product or service, or requires an application fee, registration fee, security deposit or similar as a condition of employment;
  • discriminate with respect to: sex/gender, marital status, race/colour, age and disabilities.

8. Limitations of Warranties

HTRC makes no representation or guarantee of the suitability, reliability or completeness of our sites. We do not undertake to be error free, meet your software compatibility requirements or that our sites will always be operational. We reserve the right to shut down and discontinue our sites at any time and at our own discretion without any undertaking to make good any data or information posted to our sites. All use is on a ‘as is’ basis.

Users of our sites do so at their own discretion and risk – we make no guarantee and accept no liability for any lost data or financial loss that may occur from the use or failure of any of our sites.

End Conditions    Heidelberg Training ad Resource Centre – E-focus May 2017